Generally, one of the hardest things about placing an advertisement on a website is knowing who your target audience is going to be. Many websites contain very generalised information and trying to attract a certain profile of person is almost impossible. At we understand how frustrating this can be and are therefore very specific with the information that we publish on our site.

If you had not guessed, has been designed to appeal to sailors and other users of the harbour and sea along the coast, in and around Littlehampton. This includes other towns and villages in the locality such as Worthing, East Preston, Ferring, Rustington, Climping, Felpham and Bognor Regis, many of which support their own localised water sports activities.
Although the target audience for is very specialised, the ways to reach our visitors through advertising is quite varied, with advertising plans to suit every pocket - you do not even have to pay a set up fee. From simple links to full-blown web page design, we are able to meet your every need.

What if direct marketing does not fit in with your advertising strategy? Then why not have us publish an article or sea related story on your behalf; full credit will of course be given, allowing you to promote your business in an indirect way.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to advertise on, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Local Links

Local links are a simple way for people to find your website. We will place the link in a category of your choosing and if none suitable exists, then we will create one for you.

If you do not already have a website to link to, then we are also able to provide you with a number pages to get you going - more information can be found under "Web Page Design" below.

Monthly fee: 5.00.

Price includes: The guaranteed inclusion of a link to your website in the "local links" section on our home page, under a heading of your choosing.


Sponsors of have a small banner advert placed in a prime position on our home page. Adverts are displayed in a random order, so your advert will appear at the top for a proportion of the time.

As sponsors, your company name will also appear on any promotional material that we produce, such as tide table booklets.

Monthly fee: 12.50.

Price includes: Creation of a small banner advert if required, a guaranteed entry on our home page and your company name on our promotional material.

Banner Ads

The large banner advert displayed in the top right hand side of the browser window changes each time a visitor moves to another page or clicks the web cam "Refresh" button.

The number of banner adverts is limited, meaning that your advert will generally appear once during a users visit to our website. It's size is also guaranteed to attract the visitors eye, making it a prime way for you to promote brand awareness.

Monthly fee: 10.00.

Price includes: Creation of a banner advert if required and an entry in our advert rotation scheme.

Web Page Design

No-one will deny that the use of the Internet is growing at an amazing rate with more and more potential customers searching for products and services online. If you like the idea of reaching prospective customers through this site but do not yet have a suitable website to link to, then we can provide one for you.

Monthly fee: 50.00, payable 12 months in advance for the first year, then monthly thereafter.

Price includes: a customised three page website, domain name registration, search engine submission and web hosting services for your new website.