The web cam looks out over the sea at Littlehampton, across the mouth of the River Arun; the plan below and to the left shows the view that the camera has. The web cam updates every minute and provides a good indication of the sea state.

Three flagpoles can be seen at the centre of the web cam, providing an indication as to the strength of the wind, although during particularly stormy weather the flags are removed.

The images found to the below and to the right are actual captured images that show the different states of the tide and weather; they can be compared with the live image found on the home page. Clicking on the image will open a second window with a zoomed in view.
Plan of Littelhampton Seafront

A plan showing the view that the web cam has
across the mouth of the River Arun
High Water
Calm Sea
Good Weather
Low Water
Rough Sea
Bad Weather